Osprey Restaurant & Bar

Brunch Menu

10AM – 2PM

Get ready to elevate your weekends! Join us for an exciting brunch by the Spokane River, where delectable cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and breathtaking views come together. Our breakfast buffet runs every weekend from 10am to 2pm, offering a mouthwatering selection of food, drinks, coffee, and more!

And the excitement doesn’t stop there – right after brunch, our fantastic Happy Hour kicks off at 2pm, ensuring the good times keep rolling!

*subject to change*


  • Meat Lover Omelet* 16

    Three eggs, bacon, sausage, smoked ham, cheddar cheese, breakfast potatoes

  • Spinach & Mushroom Omelet* 16

    Three eggs omelet, spinach, onions, mushrooms, Gruyère, hollandaise, diced tomatoes, breakfast potatoes

  • Eggs Benedict* 16

    Two poached eggs, English muffins, hollandaise, choice of house-smoked salmon or smoked ham, breakfast potatoes

  • Veggie Benedict* 16

    Two poached eggs, English muffins, hollandaise, guacamole, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, breakfast potatoes

  • Hearty Biscuits & Gravy* 16

    Two buttermilk biscuits, house sausage gravy, two eggs, 2 sausage or 2 bacon, breakfast potatoes

  • Breakfast Burrito* 15

    Scrambled eggs, cheddar & Jack cheese blend, bacon, sausage patty, ham, & breakfast potatoes in a flour tortilla, served with pico de gallo

  • Garden Breakfast Burrito* 15

    Scrambled eggs, spinach, mushroom, onions, sweet red peppers, diced tomatoes, cheddar & Jack cheese blend, breakfast potatoes in a flour tortilla, served with pico de gallo

  • Classic French Toast 12

    Three house-battered French toasts, maple syrup, whipped butter

  • Stack of Pancakes 12

    Three pancakes, maple syrup, four slices of bacon

  • Granola & Berries Parfait 8

    House-made granola, Greek yogurt, mixed fresh berries

Salads & Sandwiches

add:   bacon | 3    chicken | 6    shrimp (3) | 8
  • Breakfast Sandwich* 14

    Grilled sourdough, smoked ham, two scrambled eggs, American cheese, Gruyère, breakfast potatoes

  • Double BLT 15

    Bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, whole wheat toast, breakfast potatoes

  • Ruby Brunch Burger* 18

    8 oz. 100% Natural Pacific Northwest Beef, over medium egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce, two slices of bacon, brioche bun, breakfast potatoes

  • Classic Caesar 10

    Crisp romaine, garlic croutons, Parmesan
    add:   bacon +3  |  chicken +6  |  shrimp (3) +8

  • Cobb Salad 12

    Crisp romaine, heirloom tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, Applewood bacon, goat cheese, avocado, house buttermilk dill dressing, brown-butter croutons
    add:   bacon +3  |  chicken +6  |  shrimp (3) +8

  • Avocado Toast* 14

    Whole wheat toast, guacamole, tomatoes, two eggs, lime ginger dressing, leaf lettuce
    add: smoked salmon +5

House-Made Desserts

  • Ruby Ice Cream Sundae (serves 4-6) 19

    Strawberry, cookies-n-creme, huckleberry & vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream

  • New York Style Vanilla Cheesecake 11

    Chocolate shavings, blackberry coulis

  • Crème Brûlée 9

    Chantilly cream, sugared blackberries (gf)

  • Berries & Cream 9

    Vanilla bean ice cream, fresh berries, whipped cream (v)

  • Warm Peach Bread Pudding 12

    Cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce (serves 2-4)


  • Toast or Grilled Biscuit 2
  • Two Eggs, any style 3
  • Green Side Salad 4
  • French Fries 4
  • Breakfast Potatoes 4
  • Ham, Four Bacon, or Four Sausage Links 5
  • Truffle Fries 6
  • Biscuits & Sausage Gravy 7

Morning Mimosas

  • Classic Mimosa 10

    Orange juice, prosecco

  • Strawberry Mimosa 10

    Orange juice, strawberry, prosecco

  • Pineapple Mimosa 10

    Pineapple juice, prosecco

  • Grapefruit Mimosa 10

    Grapefruit juice, prosecco

  • Melon Mimosa 10

    Orange juice, melon liqueur, prosecco

  • Mimosa Pitcher (serves 5-6) 40

    With flight of strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit, melon, and/or orange juice

Morning Classics

  • Screwdriver 8

    Vodka, orange juice

  • Bloody Mary 8

    Vodka, celery, pickled asparagus, stuffed olives, lime, salted rim

  • Irish Coffee 8

    Jameson Whiskey™, Thomas Hammer™ coffee, whipped cream


  • Juice 4

    Apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato

  • Soda 4

    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Orange Fanta, Mt. Blast Poweraid

  • Lemonade 3

    Regular, Strawberry, Huckleberry

  • Unsweetened Iced Black Tea 3
  • Thomas Hammer™ Coffee 3